Our aim is for students to develop the ability to think clearly and logically and to apply these skills both in Mathematics and in other areas.  Students will develop lively enquiring minds and use them creatively. We pride ourselves in helping students to be proficient in numeracy and able to deal confidently with the mathematical situations that they are likely to encounter throughout their everyday lives. We work hard with students to ensure they leave school with a good GCSE qualification in Mathematics.

At Key Stage 3 students are set by ability from the start of Year 7 based on data provided by our feeder Primary schools plus our own assessment.  Current setting arrangements are based on four and three sets across half a year group. Sets are reviewed on a regular basis.  The course followed includes modules based on number, algebra, shape, space, measures, data handling and ratio and proportion.  Building on the foundation at KS2, great emphasis is placed on both mental and oral mathematics together with non-calculator methods of computation.

Moving to Key Stage 4 in Year 9 students follow a three year GCSE course at either Foundation or Higher level based on their attainment at KS3.

KS3 (Years 7 & 8) Curriculum

KS4 (Year 9) Curriculum

KS4 (Year 10) Curriculum

KS4 (Year 11) Curriculum

Current Qualifications Available to Students

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EDEXCELMathematics Linear