Literacy Across the Curriculum

Vision Statement

Literacy is fundamental to a young person’s life chances.  Therefore at Bishop Fox’s School, we believe our students should be given every opportunity possible to develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. This will ensure they  become effective communicators and are able to participate fully  in the adult world of work and society. We are committed to ensuring they cultivate the necessary tools to lead happy and  successful lives.

We are committed to ensuring that our children:

  • have the necessary resources to access the curriculum;
  • are able to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills across all subject areas;
  • recognise the importance of and enjoy reading for pleasure;
  • able to read at or above their chronological age- and therefore  able to read for information and enjoyment
  • recognise the value of writing and communicating effectively;
  • are able to continue their literacy development throughout their secondary school career and beyond.

These fundamental, life-enhancing skills are delivered through an extensive programme of literacy initiatives:

  • a range of interventions to support underachieving and lower ability students
  • a long term transition programme for Year 7 students
  • a range of enrichment activities;
  • opportunities for wider reading and  reading for pleasure;
  • Accelerated Reader programme;
  • a range of literacy activities in all subjects across the curriculum;
  • the explicit modeling of writing;
  • cross-curricular vocabulary, vocabulary and spelling homework;
  • opportunities for the regular marking of spelling, punctuation and grammar across the curriculum;

Literacy Focus

Literacy Links