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English at Bishop Fox’s is changing! Due to the current government’s introduction of new GCSE courses for English Literature and Language, students will now be assessed solely by examination at KS4. To prepare for this, we offer a curriculum that is diverse and engaging, whilst providing students with the resources they need to achieve highly in KS4. Ultimately, we want our students to enjoy reading and writing in English as well as developing the skills they will need for life.

We want all of our students to passionately enjoy reading and literature. Students will study poetry, plays and novels. They will learn to analyse and infer; they will practise debate and discussion.

As well as being great readers, our students are fantastic writers. We start, in Year Seven, by getting the basics of grammar and sentence construction right. From there, students are encouraged to use their own creativity, flair and imagination to write in a range of styles and forms.

Edmodo is the way we complete homework in English at Bishop Fox’s. Each class has a specific group code, which allows them to access the quizzes for their class. Whilst the quiz may be short (10 questions), students are encouraged to get 10 out of 10 so they will need to spend time researching their answers. This should take them about 30 minutes.

Edmodo online homework:

The English department offer Media BTEC as a option at Key Stage 4.

Useful Documents

KS3 (Years 7 & 8) Curriculum

KS4 (Year 9) Curriculum

KS4 (Year 10) Curriculum

KS4 (Year 11) Curriculum

KS4 Media Curriculum

Current Qualifications Available to Students

Exam BoardSubject
AQAEnglish Language
AQAEnglish Literature

The exam process has changed, meaning that Year 11 will be the last cohort to take the current versions of the English Language and Literature GCSEs. All other students will study for new qualification (AQA), which are assessed solely by examination.