Uniform Expectations

Students are expected to adhere to the School Uniform expectations while in school and on the journey to and from school.

In order to ensure that students are adhering to these expectations and to avoid uniform as a source of conflict, students are expected to:

  • Wear school skirts of an appropriate length (just above the knee) and be tailored (not a stretchy skirt). To assist in clarifying this issue we are now able to provide a school skirt for sale from Taunton Uniforms. The ‘Colchester’ skirt is £10.99 up to 28” waist and £12.99 for 30” waist upwards.
  • Wear appropriate school trousers. These should not be skinny jeans or chinos, but plain fitted black trousers.
  • Wear black school shoes and not trainers, daps or canvas shoes to and from school and in school except when playing sport on the hardcourt/field at recess and lunchtime. The only time students are allowed to wear daps is if they are provided by ourselves as an emergency temporary measure.
  • Wear the school tie, such that it touches the shirt collar at the front and is worn to its proper length. Top buttons must be done up.
  • Wear only discreet makeup and jewellery. There should be no extreme of hair fashion or colour. Unnatural hair colours are not permitted.
  • Wear only the school V neck jumper under the blazer during periods of cold weather in addition to the school blazer.
  • Ensure that shirts are tucked into trousers/skirts at all times.
  • Refrain from facial piercings other than in ear lobes. Nose, eyebrow or other facial piercings are not acceptable.
  • Wear a dark coat in the Winter period – NOT a hoodie.

If there are any concerns regarding any of these issues please do not hesitate to contact the respective Head of Year or deputy Headteacher.

Uniform Letter