Behaviour for Learning

To actively promote behaviour which reflects the aims and values of the school by setting an example, enabling all students to achieve their full potential, acknowledging success, encouraging self-discipline and providing boundaries.

Effective teaching and learning can only take place in a well ordered environment. Promoting positive behaviour requires the commitment of all members of our school community, students, parents, carers, governors and staff; it requires a consistency of practice across the school to ensure that students know the standard of behaviour that is expected of them.

If all members of the school community are to develop and achieve their best they must be able to learn and teach in caring and respectful environment which is open and welcoming, culturally affirming and equitable.

In order to simplify our expectations and ensure that all students are able to respect others and succeed the school expectations are shown below.

Behaviour for Learning

It is hoped that through the use of rewards to motivate students we can further promote positive behaviour for learning at all times. The full range of rewards and consequences can be found in the Behaviour for Learning Policy below.

Behaviour for Learning Policy