Attendance Information

At Bishop Fox’s School student attendance remains one of the most important areas to ensure that all students are able to achieve their potential.

The expectations that we have are that all students will achieve 95% attendance and that any absence will be authorised by parents / carers and that holidays will only be requested and authorised in exceptional circumstances. Please be aware that other than in EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, we am unable to authorise absence from school.

As students only attend school for 190 days in the calendar year and research suggests that children who are taken out of school may never catch up on work they have missed. This can affect test and examination results and your child’s future career prospects.

We do not wish to be difficult but believe that regular attendance is critical. I do not wish to disappoint parents and would therefore urge you to refrain from making any such request.

If a request for term-time absence is refused and your child is still taken out of school, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence and noted on your child’s record. This may be used in any legal action taken for poor attendance and when issuing a Warning Penalty Notice.

Letters to Parents

Request for Absence in term-time