Student Support

Pastoral Care at Bishop Fox’s School

At Bishop Fox’s School we aim to provide an extensive level of outstanding pastoral care to all students, in order to ensure that all students are safe and supported, enabling them to enjoy and achieve.

The responsibility for pastoral care lies with all staff at Bishop Fox’s School and we strive to create an atmosphere in which all students are valued by staff and their peers, ensuring that students feel confident, safe, secure and supported at all times.

The tutor often remains the member of staff that initially provides support for students, ensuring that they are fully supported throughout the school day.  Heads of Year provide pastoral support for the whole year group and will add an additional level of specific support for students academically and pastorally.

We consider the partnership between ourselves and parents as of the greatest importance and we welcome parents to contact us, usually via the tutor and Head of Year whenever you feel necessary. Members of the Senior Leadership Team can also be contacted through the Head teacher’s P.A. A copy of our Home School agreement can be found here.

Head of Year 7 and 8
Mr D Contreras
Mr D. Contreras

Head of Year 9
Mr A. Moloney
Mr A. Moloney

Head of Year 10
Miss A Trigg

Trigg, Ann-Marie

Head of Year 11
Mrs J. Thorne

Pastoral Support

Further Pastoral support is available through Mr. C. Millar (Deputy Head Teacher for Student Welfare and Designated Safeguard Lead), Mr R Hennessy (Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead) and Mrs A. Lowbridge-York (Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead).

In addition to this, the staff within Student Services provide further support which can be accessed throughout the day to support pastoral and medical needs, as shown below. In addition to this, we have a school counsellor, a weekly health clinic and opportunity for 1:1 meetings with the school nurse and a number of collaborative sessions run by CAMHS and our Welfare Officer.

Further Pastoral Support

At Bishop Fox’s School, we are experienced in working with a broad range of support services, including the school’s allocated Educational Psychologist, Parent and Family Support Advisor (PFSA), CAMHS and Linked Worker, Adolescent Support Workers (Team 4), Children’s Social Care and GetSet. Further support with other agencies, organisations and charities is accessed as necessary ensuring that we are able to offer the best support for each of our students.