Extended Studies

Students at Bishop Fox’s School were celebrating the completion of their Extended Study Programme where the more able students in years 7, 8 and 9 had been given the task of creating a project of their own design to work on outside of lessons.

Students had to show real resilience to continue working independently throughout the year with only minimal help from a mentor to guide them in gaining a raft of new knowledge. Students studied a wide range of different topics with project titles such as Working with Wood, Existential Risk, Architecture and Medieval Weaponry. Their projects were displayed brilliantly in the school hall for staff, students, family and guests and everyone was in awe of all the work that had gone into these projects.

Guest speaker for the evening, Alexander Waugh, who is an author and academic, was stunned by the quality of work on show and paid massive complements to the students involved.

Programme co-ordinator Max Gosden: “I had high expectations for these students but I was still blown away by the incredibly detailed and varied projects which were produced. Students not only presented them successfully but engaged with students and adults who were viewing their projects very eloquently. They excelled themselves as role models to other students and ambassadors for the school. The brave students who presented to our theatre audience as part of the formal evening were brilliant and I was proud to be involved with the programme.”