Bishop Fox’s B and E masterclass

Bishop Fox’s hosted a Business and Enterprise Masterclass for 5 primary schools. The Masterclass was supported by Taunton Chamber of Commerce and Young Enterprise, the Masterclass was also supported by Bishop Fox Business and Enterprise students. The Year 5 students were given a challenge to design a new green space for the school and looked at aspects of design and cost. The students created a pitch and gave a presentation to a judging panel and parents. Nigel pearce, member of Taunton Chamber of Commerce said ‘I was amazed at the confidence of the young people’ Sanchia Jones from young Enterprise added ‘ it is great to see such great ideas developed by the students, their ideas would be an asset in any business’. Steve Summerill, Deputy Head who helped co-ordinate the event said ‘it as our pleasure to host the event, our Year 7 students had the opportunity to take on leadership roles which is important for their development’.

Pictures – winning teams St Georges and Thurlbeare – with Bishop Fox team leaders and business mentors.

IMG_1325 IMG_1323 IMG_1327

Alice in Wonderland Drama workshop

Our drama department have been taking their Alice in Wonderland workshop to local primary schools over the last week.

Year 8 student – Lanella Wall – has written an account of the workshop:

On the 12th and 19th of May myself and 13 other pupils were lucky enough to be allowed to run workshops for different Primary Schools around Taunton. The workshops were based around Alice in Wonderland, our summer production this year. We had spent a few weeks putting together the workshop, but were still anxious. After all the plays we’ve done at school, we still get stage fright – even about speaking in front of 10 year olds! The first primary school arrived and we lined up nervously. Miss Keedwell (our Drama teacher) introduced us, and the workshop began. Despite the fact that we had only finalised our workshop the day before, nothing went wrong and we even managed to enjoy ourselves. The second workshop passed the same way, and we came back to school exhausted but very happy. The next week, we were more confident and you could see a big improvement in our games using the advice Miss Keedwell and our other drama teacher Mrs Evans and had spoken to us about the week before. 

I’ve learnt so much and had so much fun during this amazing experience; from the basics of controlling a class, to how to wear a plastic crown properly. The children at the schools were all incredible, and I definitely learnt as much from them as they did from me. I also couldn’t have had better people doing it with me (excluding some over-enthusiastic singing on the bus). me (excluding some over-enthusiastic singing on the bus). Throughout my whole drama experience, our teachers have been there for us, inside of rehearsals and out. Here’s to the next three years!

Drama workshop

Bishop Fox’s Brass Group

From September this year, Bishop Fox’s have trialled a new large brass group. This has been funded by the school and is delivered by Somerset music. The group has been a major success and their debut performance will be in the Bishop Fox’s Summer Concert on the 16th June. We are looking into continuing this next year so students can improve their brass skill further and join the school orchestra.
Brass Photo

French Trip

French Trip

Students from Bishop Fox’s enjoyed a visit to northern France from 28th April to 1st May with the Languages Department. They shopped in the market & the local shops in Boulogne-Sur-Mer in order to practise their French, and were treated to a sweet making display at the Becasuc sweet factory where they had a chance to try out the products on offer. Through visiting a WW1 Mémorial at Thiepval & touring the WW2 centre at La Coupole students were able to take in some of the history of the local area, and as well as making crêpes & tasting snails, they also had the opportunity to enjoy the rides at Parc Astérix and to meet the new born animals at Montcavrel Goat Farm.

Several students have taken part in the Millfield Spring Games organised by SASP

Several students have taken part in the Millfield Spring Games organised by SASP. Squads needed to win their regional competitions for the opportunity to become County Champions.

On Thursday (14th April) Year 9 girls became County Champions in Handball, despite playing an age group above.

And on Friday (15th April), Year 9 girls along with Tejah Mossman (Year 8) became County Champions in Netball (pictured along with their mascot – Lauren Knights sister!). The girls won all three fixtures! Excellent achievements – well done girls!

Bishop Fox Y7 Rugby Area Champions

Bishop Fox Year 7 team won the area Rugby championship, not only did the A team become area champions but the B team were runners up. The A team were undefeated, while the B team lost just one match.

Andy Maloney, PE teacher said ‘In all the years I have been at the school this is the most talented group of Rugby players we have had’ Steve Summerill deputy Head added ‘We are rightly proud of the teams achievements, we are in place to dominate this age group for the next 5 years and look forward to becoming county camions in the future’

Pictured Year 7 Rugby Squad.


Bishop Fox’s Christmas Concert at St Marys

Over 100 musicians from Bishop Fox’s took part in a Christmas concert at St. Marys. This is a tradition of the school dating back many decades and it is still going strong now.

A choir of over 70 performed a range of traditional Christmas music with over 15 students performing solos. A staff choir also performed.

The school has a strong orchestra which is made up of students and teachers alike, they also performed a range of Christmas pieces and accompanied the audience.

Steve Summerill, Deputy Head said ‘The evening was a great success and highlighted the musical talent we have at the school, I was very proud of our students’

Pictured – students of Bishop fox’s – both Choir and orchestra

Scary Times at Bishop Fox’s

The drama department at hosted a two night thriller (Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st October) . Guests were invited to come and tour the school guided by a host student telling tales of ghoul and horror. The 30 minute tour included ten stops where the audience experienced a range of scary scenes put together by the staff and students similar to the London Dungeons Tour from which the students gained inspiration from after visiting in the summer term. The students ran 12 tours per night and had over 300 guests experiencing the horror.

Selina Keedwell, Drama Teacher, said “I am so proud of our students. They really took the challenge to heart and produced an innovative drama production that will live in the memory of the audience of some time”

Steve Summerill, Deputy Headteacher, who participated in the tour added “Our students really demonstrated their drama prowess which is reflected in excellent GCSE results which have been some of the best results in the county for the last few years”

Kenya Trip 2015

Students at Bishop Fox’s school visited their partner school over the summer.  14 students lead by Mr Summerill and Miss Freemantle took the students to Kenya to work on community projects and made links with the Kairo Day school in the Murugi area of Kenya.  The students stayed in the local community for their entire 2 week stay and worked on important development projects such as building an extension to the Baragu Health centre, building a library for the Kairo day school and teaching computer skills to the students.  The aim of the trip was to develop long lasting and meaningful partnership with the area.

Bishop Fox’s has been successful in gaining ‘connecting classroom’ funding which will pay for the head teacher of the Kairo day school to visit Bishop Fox’s in June and support the cost of teachers from Fox’s visiting the school in Kenya.  Steve Summerill, Deputy Head and trip leader said ‘This type of experience is vital in developing an understanding of the world we live in with the aim of making a real difference to the students in our link school, we have been fund raising to pay for the community projects we undertake and look forward to making a difference’.  Katie Gardner, a Year 11 students who went on the trip added ‘I feel it is important that students such as me who have the benefit of a UK education can help to support children in other countries less fortunate than us’.  Steve Summerill also said ‘We are collected old football tops and uniform for the students in the school and ran a Kenya day at Fox’s to raise awareness of the issues children face in areas such as Kenya’