Bishop Fox’s hit the Slopes

For most, half term was an opportunity to rewind and relax- but for 23 Bishop Fox’s students it was a chance to be daring, brave and win Olympic Bronze (at least in their heads at least). For those 23 students had the opportunity to hit the alpine slopes of Zell am See, Austria where they could snowboard, ski and race each other down the hill to within the last second of the race. The first morning was a perfect day- and whilst some struggled at first to embrace their boots and boards- the fresh hit of fallen snow helped to embrace any rogue falls. If skiing on the snow wasn’t exciting enough our Taunton Winter Olympic Team even tried their hand at skiing on a glacier; despite a temp of -17.50C the views across the top was breath-taking!

For the teachers it was rewarding to see the progress made by each student during their 6 days skiing- from hitting the nursery slope in the early week to accomplishing a mountain red run towards the end. Instructors even noted that the group were “one of the most well-mannered and polite English School Groups we have ever taught”. It was without a doubt a highly action packed and exciting week, and whilst for students and teachers a like sleep is still needed, it has given 23 students an experience like no other. Watch out Team GB, Bishop Fox’s is on their way to Winter Olympic Medal Position!