Bishop Fox’s Curriculum Day

Bishop Fox’s ran a curriculum day for all year groups. A curriculum day is organised whereby all lessons are suspended for the day to allow all students to participate in activities or work in curriculum areas for a full day to allow a deepening of their understanding

Year 7 students visited either @Bristol or Buckfast Abbey, they will visit the alternate location on the next Curriculum day.  The visit to Buckfast links to the RE curriculum and allows students to experience and find out about life in a ministry.  The @ Bristol visit allowed students to participate in a range of Science activities linked to their Year 7 programme of study. Year 8 students participated in a full day of Careers Education with talks and presentations form local colleges including a visit to the schools careers fair.  Year 8 students make GCSE choices in Year 8 as the School runs a 3 year Key Sage 4. 

Year 9 took part in a ‘Stand against Violence’ series of activities lead by members of the SAV team, sessions included first Aid and self-defence. Year 10 and 11 students focused on Careers education and study skills with a range of workshop s organised to outline the full range of options post 16 including A Levels, Apprenticeships such Media and Computer Science and opportunities at local universities.  

Steve Summerill, Deputy Head who co-ordinated the day said ‘it is important to offer this type of event as students need the opportunity to experience a range of learning environments. For our students making decisions about their future it is vital they have access to up to date, independent and relevant information’

Curric Day