What Others Think of us


  • Students enjoy coming to school
  • Relationships are good
  • Students show good attitudes to learning
  • Students are well cared for and feel safe in school
  • The school curriculum is good
  • The school is focused on raising achievement
  • Students’ personal development and well being are good
  • Students’ morale, social and cultural development is good
  • Leadership and management are good
  • There are numerous opportunities for students to take responsibility in school
  • The school provides a caring environment in which students feel safe and secure
  • The school is highly inclusive, and gives a high quality of care to all its pupils
  • The governing body is highly supportive
  • The school is successful in promoting students’ personal development
  • It is an improving school that is well led by its headteacher

School Improvement Partner (S.I.P.)

  • Students performed significantly higher than might have been expected and results placed the school in the top 28% nationally for progress
  • The school’s B & E work is making a good contribution in preparing students
  • The quality of the teaching and learning is good
  • The quality of the school’s curriculum is good
  • The care, guidance and support for students is good
  • The tracking and monitoring of student progress is good
  • The quality of leadership and management is very good
  • The school has good capacity to improve
  • This is an effective school

Her Majesty’s Inspector (H.M.I.)

  • The school has taken full advantage of the increased flexibility opportunities at Key Stage 4
  • The School’s curriculum has become increasingly inclusive
  • Curriculum development in the school is dynamic
  • The positive “can do” approach of key members of staff is instrumental in making curriculum changes
  • Students are well supported and value the range of options offered