Student Progress

At Bishop Fox’s we monitor student performance and progress carefully to ensure that all students are supported in working towards their own high level of achievement.

We use information collected from primary schools alongside our own assessments and nationally approved external testing to help us set targets for each child coming to our school. At regular intervals subject teachers assess students on their performance and progress. This happens once each term with information being sent to parents.

In the Autumn Term we have an Academic Tutoring Day for parents to discuss student progress issues with tutors. Form tutors monitor grades with students to see what progress is being achieved across all subject areas. In addition to the planned reports home and Parent Consultation Evenings it is always possible to request individual details of a student’s progress at a particular time. In addition we also like to encourage parental interest in assessment and student progress and regular termly information on student progress will be provided to parents.

For every set of grades awarded by teachers we reward students who have worked well with Bronze, Silver and Gold Progress Certificates, plus annual Governors’ Achievement Certificates for good to outstanding achievement.