School Uniform

School and Physical Education uniforms and accessories are available from:

  • Taunton Uniforms, 144 East Reach, Taunton.  Tel: 01823 278080.


School navy-blue badged blazer
School navy-blue badged jumper may be worn under the blazer for warmth
Trousers:Black or charcoal grey, tailored trousers. Three quarter length tailored black trousers may be worn in the Summer Term ONLY.
Skirts: Black or charcoal grey skirts of an appropriate length (just above the knee) and tailored (not a stretchy skirt or a skater skirt). To assist in clarifying this issue we are now able to provide a school skirt for sale from Taunton Uniforms. The ‘Colchester’ skirt starts at £12.99 for the smallest sizes, increasing by a supplement of either £2.26 or £4.00, depending on waist size/length required.
Shirt: White traditional school shirt worn with a school tie – to be worn tucked into waistband of trousers or skirts
Tie: Striped tie for Years 7 to 10. (Plain maroon privilege tie with logo for Year 11)
Socks/Tights: Black or grey socks or Neutral or black tights
Outer Coats: Outer coats should be in plain colour. “Hoodies” and Baseball Caps are NOT to be worn in school
Shoes:Black sensible shoes (for safety reasons high-heeled, platform shoes or open sandals are not allowed). No canvas shoes or trainers allowed. Black leather shoes only.

Jewellery: The wearing of extensive jewellery is not permitted. If ears are pierced, studs or  small discreet earrings can be worn. These should only be in the lower part of the ear (earlobe) and not in the upper part of the ear. Spacers/stretchers are not permitted. Nose studs or any other body piercings are not allowed. No plastic studs or plasters to cover any of these items are permissible. (For Health and Safety reasons students may be asked to remove jewellery in some D&T and P.E. lessons)

Hair:  Extremes of hair styles or unnatural hair colours are NOT allowed

Mobile Phones/MP3 Players/IPODs etc: Mobile phones should be switched off and kept in students bags.  These items will be confiscated if used during the school day and parents may be asked to collect them.  Personal music players such as MP3’s/IPODs etc are NOT permitted in school.


Students are expected to be in the correct school uniform on the way to and from school as well as during the school day.  Students who do not conform to the Uniform rules may be sent home. All clothing must be marked with the student’s name.

All uniform is available from: Taunton Uniforms, 144 East Reach, Taunton. Tel: 01823 278080

Physical Education Uniform for Boys and Girls


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GCSE Dance Kit

Black T-shirt with school logo from Taunton uniforms
Black Dance pants/leggings/joggers