Careers Education

The school works in close partnership with Connexions, Somerset in providing careers education and guidance for all students in Years 9-11 and we welcome the involvement of parents in this process.


Each student during their time at Bishop Fox’s has an entitlement to:

Accurate and up-to-date information on:

  • Occupations
  • The labour market
  • Education and training opportunities.
  • Job seeking and job keeping.
  • Grants and benefits and the services that Connexions (Somerset) provides.

Referral to:

  • Employers
  • Training providers
  • Further education.

Help with:

  • Exploring and assessing interests
  • Ability and potential
  • Identifying and exploring job options and routes
  • Job seeking skills
  • Preparing, implementing and reviewing an action plan
  • Deciding on educational or job related goals and how to achieve them

Each student is regarded as an individual and all options are discussed impartially and realistically with confidentiality maintained on discussions and records.

Personal development and equal opportunity is an important part of the work.

C.E.G. is introduced to Year 7 & 8 students during PSHE using Career Tracks activities

Students are prepared for the preference choices in Year 9 using Careers Tracks materials, ICT software and input from the Connexions Careers Advisor. All Year 10 students take part in our Work Experience Scheme. They are introduced to the Connexions website and can access ‘KUDOS’, (a computer guidance programme which gives career areas to explore further in discussion with parents and tutors.

During Year 11 students have access to a Personal Adviser. Individual practice interviews are conducted by members of the business community. Students receive information on labour market trends and are given the information and guidance needed to aid their transition to work, training or further education.

The School is recognised within the County for the quality of its Careers Education.