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Progress in school is reliant on good attendance. If a student is going to be absent the following points should be remembered:

Although it is unlikely that the school will authorise any absence, parents may lawfully make a request to take their children on holiday out of school for up to two weeks. A holiday form should be collected from the school office – filled in and returned to the Form Tutor before the holiday begins. Parents are asked to check with the School that their holiday will not overlap with particular school events e.g. examinations, particularly SATs in Year 9 and GCSE examinations in Year 10 and 11. The school is at liberty to either authorise the absence or not. The decision to authorise or not will depend on the consequential effect the absence will have on the student’s learning and on the student’s attendance record. The decision is the schools alone. In most cases the school will not authorise any absence.

Poor attendance clearly undermines the progress young people make.

The level of unauthorised absence includes all requests for holiday absence for which the school refused to grant authorisation. This is in keeping with our policy of maintaining high levels of attendance.

Our school operates on an electronic attendance procedure. This means that immediately after the 8.45am and 1.55pm registration sessions, information is fed through to a central database and a print of all students not in registration produced.

Therefore it is imperative that if your child is sick or is going to be late you ring the attendance line: 01823 255019, day or night (there is a 24 hour voicemail facility) and leave a message in order that the Attendance Officer can record the absence correctly.

Students will be informed that if they arrive after 9.00am they must sign in at Student Services.

If we have no record of your child’s absence, then your emergency contact 1 (provided to us via the Data Collection Sheet) will receive a text message. This requests that you contact us as soon as possible as your son/daughter has not registered.


Download the request for absence in term time document here.