Acceptable Use Policy for Internet and E-mail

  • Students must obtain the permission of parent(s)/guardian(s) before they can be allowed to use the Internet or educational Email service. The Parental Permission Form must be sent home to give parents the opportunity to deny access.
  • Students should only use the school computer systems for those activities and services (Internet and Email) which they have been given permission to use.
  • Students must only use the school computers under adequate supervision.
  • Activities which use the Internet during taught lessons will be directly related to school work. Use of the Internet outside of taught lessons is at the discretion of a member of staff who will set guidelines and rules for its use. Students will be taught to be critically, aware and discriminating in their use of Internet sites.
  • Students must only use the user name and password that they have been given by the school for access to the network, VLE and any other digital facility.
  • Students should not download and use material or copy and paste content which is subject to copyright. Most sites will allow the use of published materials for educational use. Teachers will give guidelines on how and when pupils should use information from the Internet.
  • The Internet access provided in Somerset schools is filtered to stop access to unsuitable material. As no filtering system can be 100% effective, it is important that parents are aware that users of the system are required to act responsibly. Under no circumstances should students attempt to view, upload or download any material that is likely to be unsuitable for children or schools. Students have a responsibility to inform the member of staff supervising them if they have accidentally accessed inappropriate content.
  • Students will be taught to respect the privacy of files of other users. They will be taught not to enter, or attempt to enter without permission, the file areas of other pupils or staff.
  • Parents are asked to explain and reinforce the importance to their child of these rules for the safe use of the Internet.
  • No files on any media created at home can be used on systems in school unless they have been virus scanned.
  • For pictures used on web sites or other published literature i.e. school prospectus, any images used are produced only with the permission of parents.
  • The school E-mail service for pupils is provided for educational use within the school environment only. It is not connected to the World Wide Web and therefore has no global audience. The mail service is only to be used in accordance with the school’s policy and procedure. Where your child has been allocated an individual account it is important that they understand that all mail sent using this system is automatically screened for inappropriate language or content. Any mail found to contain such language or content will be re-routed to the E-Safety Officer and / or Assistant Head Student Welfare in the school for disciplinary action which may include informing parents where deemed appropriate.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in one or more of the following :

  • A ban, temporary or permanent, on the use of the computers at school.
  • A letter informing parents of the nature and breach of rules.
  • Appropriate sanctions and restrictions placed on future access to school facilities to be decided by the school.

If you do not understand any part of this “Acceptable Use Policy”, you should ask the Director of E-learning for guidance.