Our Values and Mission

Our school is driven by an agreed set of core values which are shared by all members of our community.  Similarly we have a clear mission statement, and an agreed set of five year goals which provide clear direction for what we are trying to achieve for all of our students.

School’s Mission Statement

“High Standards and High Expectations”

School Aims

“Creating a caring and challenging learning environment in which each individual can strive, enjoy and achieve.”

School Values

Within our school and local community we believe that:

  • The needs of students are foremost
  • Every individual is special
  • Success is built upon high self-esteem
  • All achievement is valued
  • There should be unconditional positive regard for all
  • Only one’s best is good enough
  • We are committed to nurture and challenge all members of our school community
  • Respect is a right and a responsibility
  • Equality of opportunity is a fundamental right
  • The climate for learning should be wholly positive
  • Learning is a lifelong process

School’s five year goals

As a school we are mindful of the need to ensure that school improvement impacts on teaching, learning and student achievement.  Our five year goals are to:

  • Deliver outstanding value added performance at both key stages
  • Offer a broad range of extra-curricular provision in the seven fields of human experience which allows each individual to find their niche
  • Help students to become independent learners
  • Help deliver high self-esteem for each individual
  • Challenge all members of the community to work outside their comfort zone
  • Engender a values based system based on concern for others
  • Support progression into education and training